Consciousness Verses Responsibility

I love to have a quiet mind, a peaceful mind, but more than anything I prefer a feeling of accomplishment. Getting something done is more important than feeling good about myself. Essentially, I dare say that responsibility is optimistic, far more optimistic than most would ever imagine, perhaps even greater than the highest possible state of conscious you can experience.

For over fifty years, one thing stands out as more genuine and more optimistic, it’s the hard work found in those who take responsibility. is this your work and your glory? The spiritualists, those always talking about higher ideals or higher states of consciousness, offer a far lesser optimism than the person who stays a little longer to clean up a construction site and stacks wood inside to protect it from the coming rain. Responsibility is the highest mindfulness and the greatest expression of humanity. Many would debate me on this to no avail. The proof, as we say, is in the pudding.

A friend at a networking meeting this past week asked everyone in the group to keep a look out for work to employ his son. His son is a welder by profession and a single father. Everyone is reaching out within their circles of influence to help find him a job. Phone calls are being made, interviews being set up. The going is slow but the effort is wide and expansive. Yes prayer is great, always much needed, but more than prayer is the genuine optimism of a helping hand.

How many of us say “I will pray for you” but do nothing to take responsibility? Prayer can be more political than genuine if it is used to avoid responsibility while still looking faithful. If someone is suffering and you can do nothing, then pray in silence, pray to the angels for help. It’s like that Christmas song, “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat, if you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do, and if haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you.” If you can do nothing but pray, then God bless you. If you can do more, then do more.

Compare the above image with this image below. Which one is more optimistic? Now look at both of these images closely. Work and responsibility in the image below have a far greater potential in producing a genuine optimism than the solitary private moment as seen above, even in front of the best scenery in the world. Time away for a private moment is great, but by their fruits you will know the genuine optimists. Let this be a foundation for all.

We can build a culture on responsibility better than higher states of consciousness, and this is why I say over and over a renaissance is coming. Those seeking for a higher state of consciousness have their reward. Let more of us choose a greater reward, the genuine optimism of taking on more responsibility.

Keith R Kelsch, The Genuine Optimist