For keynote addresses and general breakout sessions, Keith can speak in front of groups from 10 to 12,000, and ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Keith is animated and disruptive. Audiences always walk away inspired and changed.

Rate depends on group size, duration and location. Contact Keith for a quote. Select from the listed topics below that can be delivered in various speaking formats, or feel free to assign a subject matter for Keith to speak on.


  • The Political Optimist: How to Stop Hiring Political People.
  • Voice and Vote: Why They Must Work Together and in the Order
  • Communication & Public Discourse: How to Replace Division with Natural Opposition
  • Idolatry of Authority: The Dangers of Too Much Central Control in Business and Community
  • Cooperative Business Modeling: The Real Power of Common Consent Organizations
  • Trends in Media: The Future of Media Innovation
  • Networking is Leadership: Learn to Do It Right.
  • Renaissance vs Revolution: The Difference is Striking


Keith is a trained educator and professional presenter for any topic. With fifteen years experience teaching various college and other courses, and with the same years of experience in the performing arts, use Keith for your next important presentation. Subjects of strength include:


  • Optimism (political and genuine)
  • The Social Intelligence of Common Consent
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Organizational Modeling
  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Religion and Prophecy (Presenter for Samuel L. Dael)