The Story Behind The Genuine Optimist

Why the Genuine Optimist?

The genuine optimist is the only podcast that dares to spread the good news of a coming renaissance. If you are tired of motivational talkers with unsustainable pomp and no real genuine source, and if you are more inclined to feel motivated in a group rather than striving alone, this podcast is for you.

Like so many people, I would see something wrong in the world before I would see something good. Seeing only the good is not what defines optimism because something better might require a serious look at what is wrong. Anyway, those who talk only of good can actually shut down discourse that might reveal a better vision. Genuine Optimism sees a better world to come, despite all that is wrong now. Genuine Optimism is fully awake to evil and the secrete combinations of power while at the same time it sees the coming of a regenerated liberty.

About Genuine Optimism

The word optimism is the belief that this is the best of all possible worlds. Optimism is from the Latin, meaning “optimum” or “best thing.” So here is the question. What gets in our way of achieving “our” optimum best as a people? First, notice how I asked “our” optimum best and not “your” optimum best. Contrary to what many think, optimism is tide to the community that lifts, which has greater energy than the forced attitude we show.

Anyway, the answer to what gets in our way is the political power struggle we create.  

Most corporate, religious and government organizations worship authority. This only produces the struggle for central control. Genuine people do not function in a political world. The word political is directly tide to the struggle we have with those in power at work, in our churches, schools and governments. This is what politics is, a power struggle created by central control and the idolatry for authority that seems to grow at greater and greater distances.  

If you want to know how to tell if someone is political, ask them, “Are we born sinners and selfish”, or “are we born good and free?” Political people tend to lean on the side of sinner and selfish. Genuine people side with good and free. Optimism is always on the side of the best, and good and free are better than sinner and selfish.

Political people naturally believe in more centralized control. It’s the only way in their mind to protect humanity from itself. Too much freedom is then replaced with too much control.

At the Genuine Optimist, we spread the good news that human beings are born free and good. Any qualities that are sinful and selfish happen from how we organize as a culture and not from our birth.

Here you will learn that Genuine Optimism is a decentralized and headless way to organize, and the examples are many. Genuine optimists believe in decentralized control. It is the only way they know how to organize.

Genuine Optimism is not a personal attitude and it is not another self-help practice for individuals. Genuine Optimism is about people forming their own culture and advancing their optimum best.  

They say a rising tide lifts all ships. Welcome to a place that advances that truth.

If your business, community organization, or church is suffering from political power struggles created by too much central control, the genuine optimist is here to communicate a better world.

 A renaissance is coming.