The Genuine Optimist is a leadership model focused on helping organizations remove politics from getting in the way of success and achievement. The need for a better way to deal with political power struggles in organizations is long over due. While the typical business coach, consultant or adviser imposes the newest best practice or top down methodology with very little success, at The Genuine Optimist we believe the answers are inherently inside the organization itself and never in the consultant’s book of tricks. Contact us if your organization needs help with removing power struggles and political gridlock, or just check out our weekly posts. Here you will learn what genuine optimism is and how to scale it in your organization. For live appearances and consulting, use the contact page above.

Our Training Can Surface the Following Results:

  • Wider Consent in the Organization
  • Visionary Involvement
  • Greater Value Added
  • More Voluntarism
  • Removal of Political Power Struggles
  • Real Sustainable Growth
  • Talent Attraction
  • Untapped Verticals
  • Ongoing Abundance Culture
  • Greater Conservation of Responsibility

Bio for Keith Kelsch

For over thirty years Keith has worked in higher and secondary education, community non-profits, technology, and business development. Keith is a powerful presenter for improving genuine optimism through greater consent in business, community and in government. A former actor in Hollywood with a Bachelor of Arts from California State University Northridge, Keith later obtained his Master of Arts from Humboldt State University in the teaching of writing (MATW). He later completed a second Masters in Leadership from George Wythe University. Keith currently teaches communications and entrepreneurism part time at Dixie State University. He is a licensed general contractor at and founder and CEO of, along with his wife of more than twenty years, Malissa A Kelsch. You can see Keith on his weekly podcast at, where he is focused on removing power struggles in corporate and community cultures by using the principle of Genuine Optimism. You can read his recently published book, The Political Optimist: The Restoration of Common Consent, now available on and Keith is writing a second book titled American Voice: The New Fourth Rail of American Politics. A third book, The Genuine Optimist is also nearing completion.