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Episode 12, Closed Conservative and Value Conservatives

In this episode I talk about Closed Conservatives and Value Conservatives.

After pounding the pavement for over three weeks talking with people in my district, I learned that conservatism is not the same everywhere. For example, many say they are conservative but when asked what they conserve, they can’t say. To conserve means a lot more than being associated with a political party. It means you conserve something of value.

When Dennis Prager did his Leftism verses Liberalism video, I realized there must be something similar to the right, and so here you go.

Closed Conservatives and Value Conservatives

Episode 11, #Walk Away

Episode 11, #Walk Away. My walk away from from mass compulsion of everything.

When I am around conservative republicans, I become a classical liberal and I push for transparency, open discussion, and for common consent. In other words, I want every idea on the table and I become an advocate for freedom. This is the kind of thinking we had with the original first liberals, as far back as the mid 1800’s with John Stewart Mill who wrote in his Essay “On Liberty” that “The silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility.” He also wrote a book titled The Subjection of Women. In that he argued for the equality of women, and he was a first spokesperson for equal rights. Not social justice equality but equal rights. Original liberalism is also something we see with Thomas Jefferson. While he never wrote a book, what he did write in his letters, memos and in the Declaration of Independence supported the liberal call for freedom and for open free discussion without intimidation. If you have grievances, list them and separate yourself from the source of those grievances. Today, the modern democratic party is not liberal. They are statists pushing for state-controlled totalitarianism in order to for justice and not sustain equality of rights. They are the creators of political correctness and progressivism, both of which are moving targets and pale in comparison to the equal application of the law as seen with the bill of rights. If you cannot maintain the open free expression for all, and if you are pushing for more popular democracy by mob rule, and if you avoid the power of common consent in a modular representative republic, you are not a liberal. True liberals maintain both voice and vote together, in the same body, and from the bottom up. The modern democrat acts from the top down, pure elitism, actually snobbish elitism. See my High Road diagram below to see the difference.

When I am around statist democrats, I become a community conservative and I push for more local voice, more local leadership, and for individual and community liberty. Meaning, I become an advocate for responsibility as close to the individual as possible. I become conservative and I start talking about conserving wealth, voice, liberty and leadership at the local level. While most republicans maintain their conservative nature to individual rights and individual liberty, when in the face of statist democrats, I talk about community wealth, community voice, and community leadership. I argue against the statist democrat that their state and federal need to control actually decimates local volunteerism and local responsibility. People become more apathetic and less inclined to help, serve and care for one another when outside governing bodies usurp local responsibility. I become a true conservative for the right of the people to peacefully assemble and serve one another. The biggest mistake republicans make is that they do not scale up to solve social responsibilities very well. This is especially true for libertarians. They assume everything in the private sector will properly solve for health, education and welfare issues. They do not realize that people can come together, good people can organize, and we can peacefully assemble and reach common consent on many issues. We are individuals and communities, not just individuals. Therefore we should conserve the value of both.

While freedom is the foundation of the liberal mind. Responsibility is the foundation of the conservative mind. When we move these foundations to something else, like social justice for liberals and not freedom, or individual rights and not local responsibility for the conservative, when we do this we guarantee division and discord. Let’s stop that and take the high road.

Fighting Discouragement and Scarcity, Episode 9

The problem is universal for most, at least for genuine optimists.

We have no teeth in the game of giving
We have no voice
We have no means of building consensus
We therefor care less about our communities
And more waste continues to be the name of the game

If you have ever felt at a complete loss and have wanted to give up your pursuit for doing something good, there is a solution.


In this episode I talk about more teeth, and real ownership.

How to care without waste
More conservation
More voice
More good

The movement of privately organize bodies of free association is coming. This episode explains why.


Losing Mass, Episode 8

In our world today, we do everything in mass. We have mass schooling, which leads to mass shootings. We have mass media, which creates mass manipulation. We have mass marketing, which leads to mass consumerism. Living in mass is opposite of a single person.

Living in mass has consequences. It is like living in war against individualism. Either join the mass, or stand-alone.

I do not think people want to stand alone, but I also think they do not want to live in mass anymore. They want connection, they want community, they want family and friendship. They want a company culture that is thriving and not a culture that is authoritarian. Human beings do not function well in mass. Some think we do, and they are the problem.

Throughout human history, certain elitist powers have pushed for more mass control. Well, I am here to tell you that is going to end.

A renaissance is coming. We are finally waking up to the elephant in the room; we see the controls that have been kept over our lives for a very long time. Here is what more of us are starting to see.

  1. Power struggles, they are unnecessary.
  2. Globalism, it’s a fake ideal.
  3. Multi-national corporations, they are meddlers and schemers.
  4. Apathy, it’s killing us.

What are the two solutions to these problems?

  1. The conservation of voice, the purity of democracy must be born.
  2. The conservation of responsibility, classical liberalism must return.

The modern leftist mind, and many on the right, have been pushing for big global solutions designed by corporate overlords and not by the people. They make their agendas sound pretty, but hidden is their oppressive intent of elitist minds that are losing mass control. If we think that we can fight this power establishment directly, we are mistaken. We cannot replace a corrupt power over the masses with another power over the masses. Lord Akin was correct when he said, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” For this reason we need to start looking at power in a new way. We need to see all the visionary ways we can decentralize it.

The first step is the conservation of voice. Letting people talk and allowing for vision to rise naturally from the people, and in modular form and with no single representative serving the masses, this will be central to launching a renaissance. I will explain what I mean by modular form in podcasts to come. Just think of a republic but on a more local scale.

The second step is implementing a near strict conservation of responsibility as locally as possible. When we give away responsibility, we become more apathetic as a people. We care less and we have no culture. We have allowed planned parenthood to care more than we care, thus we give up our responsibility to serve to an outside agency. We have allowed college accrediting agencies dictate everything we teach and without our consent. We have allowed our lands to be managed at a greater distance by controlling interests with more money. Just about everything these days is about mass, controlling us as a mass, dictating to as a mass, and manipulating us as a mass.

Well, those days are over. We are far more diverse, far more creative, and we have greater vision than any mass could ever create. A renaissance is coming, and this voice is a brother to your heart and a friend to your hope.

What Causes a Renaissance?

An awakening begins when 1 – 3% of the population wakes up. This is when a small percentage begins to realize the generations of darkness that have been maintained by heavy-handed control. Typically, this darkness has no limits to its deception and corruption.

As the people begin to awaken, the outward repression of ideas by the power controllers is made public at the same time, obviously as an attempt to shut down this awakening. In other words, the cockroaches are revealed as an overwhelming scourge with just a flicker of a match.

As with all serious problems, once they are realized, even with the smallest of light, new ideas find a way out of the darkness, specifically new ideas across the board in health, education, science, technology and more. Ideas should surface naturally, with no power struggle.

For too long we have focused on technology as the vehicle for advancing humanity. The idea suppressed the most is associated with better ways of human organization. In other words, how we come together, reach agreement, and move forward is going to be the source of our renaissance.

GMOs and Growth hormone in milk are a good example of a small enough percent waking up to bad ideas.

As we move from 1.5% to 3% and beyond, this small group begins to fight the establishment by revealing their corruption.

3% spreads the word of liberty against the backdrop of massive corruption. A populous movement begins to surface. A populous movement happens when close to 13% of the population is fully awoken and speaking up.

We then reach a fork in the road. This is where we are now.

We either take over the power structure with a new populist movement, which often has a new technology that decentralizes communication. Today we are lacking a technology that decentralizes communication; consequently a massive censorship campaign is tacking place against all voices trying to move the cause of liberty.

Or, the second fork is taken. Here we find a new way to organize under the power of free association, essentially a new founding of liberty is launched. This second fork is the preferred option for several reasons.

As I discussed in a previous post about the power of free association, when we organize ourselves in a decentralized manner, this is what we call moving the cause of liberty. Every renaissance or awakening happens in this way. We find a way to come together with less centralized control.

Let’s say enough people go in both directions, meaning both forks are taken. All we would need is at least 3% of the population to take one fork and another 3% to take the other fork. This is a true a renaissance. It is not a full renaissance until you reach at least 13% of the population. A renaissance is considered mainstream at this point.

I want to talk about this second force, the new founding.

If you are awake and if you have taken the red pill, you probably see what many have started to see, namely that the world is filled with political power struggles just about everywhere. From local governments, state offices to federal bureaucracies, the centralization of power has been an ongoing problem for the past one-hundred years.

Optimism is all about seeing a better world to come, and if a good idea needs your help to advance it, then be an evangelist for that idea.