Episode 12, Closed Conservative and Value Conservatives

In this episode I talk about Closed Conservatives and Value Conservatives.

After pounding the pavement for over three weeks talking with people in my district, I learned that conservatism is not the same everywhere. For example, many say they are conservative but when asked what they conserve, they can’t say. To conserve means a lot more than being associated with a political party. It means you conserve something of value.

When Dennis Prager did his Leftism verses Liberalism video, I realized there must be something similar to the right, and so here you go.

Closed Conservatives and Value Conservatives

About the Author
Keith is the Author of The Political Optimist and you can follow him at genuineoptimist.com. He is a visionary founder of Local Common Wealth (see localcommonwealth.org) and co-founder of Vision Impact Leadership. He is a licensed general contractor at kelschconstruction.com and part time faculty member at Dixie State University.