Episode 13, A Renaissance in Voice


In this episode I talk about the renaissance in voice. Having a vote does not guarantee that you have a voice. This is a false assumption. Voice is the power to influence another person’s vote. Having a voice is more powerful than having a vote. Those in power do not want you to know this. They just want to tell you to have a vote and you will be ok, because they have control over the voice.

In this episode I talk about the difference between a revolution, which is leadership driven, and a renaissance, which is voice driven. We are at a crossroads and must decide soon which path we will take. Listen to find out why I think a renaissance is coming.

About the Author
Keith is the Author of The Political Optimist and you can follow him at genuineoptimist.com. He is a visionary founder of Local Common Wealth (see localcommonwealth.org) and co-founder of Vision Impact Leadership. He is a licensed general contractor at kelschconstruction.com and part time faculty member at Dixie State University.