The Destruction of Hate, Episode 4

People can build up a lot of hate toward others. It’s a real problem that stops the potential for a thriving culture. When hate builds up, it can destroy relationships and become self-destructive. We should ask ourselves, where does hate come from?

Hate comes from one of two sources. The first is “not having your voice understood.”  The second is “not understanding the voice of others.” It is quite amazing how similar these two are, and how easily they overlap.

Let me begin by saying that every human being has a core belief. My core believe is that we are born good. I hold this core belief because I refuse to accept the limitations of far left and far right political thinking. Instead, I believe in high right and high left thinking. Let me explain.

Imagine the side profile of a head, you know the kind children make in elementary school during valentines. The far left is the back of the head. These people believe that life is not equal and therefore they choose to make things equal through state control.

Now imagine the nose of this side profile. This is the far right. The far right believes in the individual and in something they call inalienable rights, often exhibited in the Bill of Rights. While this is more appealing than the state managing inequalities, there is something better than the far right, and yes something better than the far left.

I would like to introduce high left and high right thinking. First, the high left believes we are born free and that through natural free association, powered by our mutual consent, we can achieve great things. They do not believe in popular democracy. They believe in the culture of consent. The modern liberal has lost this belief. Liberals today have degenerated into state-imposed authoritarianism in the name of social justice. Voice, discussion, and democracy have been tossed aside by the far left, which is why we need to re-educate the left with high left thinking that supports discussion, transparency, and a spirit that seeks to understand all things.

The high right believes we are born good. Like the high left, they also believe in natural free association, and yet they have a strong sense of the truth in their minds, a truth tide to God.


Both the high right and the high left come together naturally through common consent, which is symbolized at the top of this side profile. At the top of the head in this image is where genuine optimists hang out. Neither the far left nor the far right come together at all for the same reason the back of the head and the nose never see each other. They exist too far apart. This is where hate begins to boil, and neither the far right or the far left mindset understands the other, and each side rejects each others’ belief.

The far left rejects individualism because it never solves for inequalities and injustices. The far right rejects statism because it destroys individual liberty. It is time to talk of the silent majority that does not believe in either of these.

A business partner of mine calls the high left and high right purple people. They are not blue and they are not red, they are purple people. Purple people mix together. Mixing means you understand others or that you are well understood. This happens because you believe in common consent, the open forum where people can come together without force or compulsion. In fact, purple people naturally seek to understand before they are understood.

The big assumption of the far left is that people cannot self-manage themselves and that people cannot fix the problems of inequality or injustice on their own. The far left has lost trust in natural free association. This is because they do not understand the potential within people, they distrust freedom. This kind of thinking happens because they have no vision to organize freedom. People always need help in their mind. The more this responsibility to help others is removed from the people, the more control the state obtains over the people. Eventually we call this low left thinking, a degeneration of liberty into secular authoritarianism, and this has a core belief that is very destructive. It believes that human beings are born selfish, and thus only through state control can we manage this selfishness.

Do not confuse the far right with fundamentalism, a big mistake many do. We call fundamentalists the low right. Like the low left that pushes for a secular authoritarian control because all humans are selfish by nature, the low right pushes for a religious central authority, which has an equally destructive core belief that human beings are born evil and sinners. If you want to understand why the low left and the low right work together, it’s because they both believe in authoritarian rule. They are both pushing for central control. The only difference is the low left wants centralized state control and the low right wants centralized religious control.

Any way, you see the intense division. One sees the problem of inequality and wants to fix it through state control, now called social justice, which degenerates into state authoritarianism. The other sees the problem of state control affecting individual rights that exclude God and so they can easily degenerate into authoritarian religious control. The two shall never be as one. They are doomed for eternal war and at times allied against the high right and the high left when it suits them. I know, because I am not a fan of state control. I prefer community solutions to solve for inequalities and injustices.

I am a genuine optimist. I believe in the power of free association at the most local level possible. If we do not have a vision for a better way to organize using free association and the utility of common consent, our world will inevitably collapse into rigid authoritarian rule.

Because of this perpetual division, I have left both camps. I started to look at humanity with a blank slate. I came to the conclusion that we are born good and that we are born free, and sadly we just fail to hear the good in others and we fail to respect the freedom for all. We do not hear the good in others because we do not have a way to organize that good. This requires a better understanding of freedom.

The division of separation between the far left and the far right is just too great for us to come together. It’s just not going to happen.

When ideas within people are not heard, frustration begins to swell. These people whose voice is not heard can appear overly aggressive, loudly passionate, and they can easily talk over people. If they are not heard for long enough, their frustration inevitably turns to anger, and anger eventually turns to hate. Hate is the fuel that degenerates into authoritarianism. Something needs to change in society, so I decided to believe in something different to separate myself from the world of divisive hate.

I now believe in the high left and the high right. The high left believes we are born free. The high right believes we are born good. These two beliefs can easily come together.

It seems the far right and far left political divisions have lost their way. They have lost what they once stood for. I believe we can easily work together toward something we call common consent. If one believes we are born free and another believes we are born good, common ground can be reached. It is good to note that the low left and the low right have their own common ground. It’s called central control. If you want to create more hate in the world, push for more central control. If you want to create thriving cultures, push for common consent.

It is time we stop the destructive nature of hate and its divisiveness. It is time for a renaissance. It is time we begin to see new and better ways to organize. The idea of free association is going to have a serious boost in our lives. People are going to start organizing in headless ways, and in time greater consent is going to be the name of the game, and vision from every person will rise with no power struggles. Welcome to the new world, it’s coming.

A genuine optimist is a person who can see this new world. A genuine optimist is a person working to bring to life more discussion, more consent, and from this a thriving culture will surface. The destruction of hate is here, jump on board, the train is starting to move. Let more of us become high left and high right people, and let us freely come together natural for a greater good.

About the Author
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