Fighting Discouragement and Scarcity, Episode 9

The problem is universal for most, at least for genuine optimists.

We have no teeth in the game of giving
We have no voice
We have no means of building consensus
We therefor care less about our communities
And more waste continues to be the name of the game

If you have ever felt at a complete loss and have wanted to give up your pursuit for doing something good, there is a solution.


In this episode I talk about more teeth, and real ownership.

How to care without waste
More conservation
More voice
More good

The movement of privately organize bodies of free association is coming. This episode explains why.


About the Author
Keith is the Author of The Political Optimist and you can follow him at He is a visionary founder of Local Common Wealth (see and co-founder of Vision Impact Leadership. He is a licensed general contractor at and part time faculty member at Dixie State University.