Losing Mass, Episode 8

In our world today, we do everything in mass. We have mass schooling, which leads to mass shootings. We have mass media, which creates mass manipulation. We have mass marketing, which leads to mass consumerism. Living in mass is opposite of a single person.

Living in mass has consequences. It is like living in war against individualism. Either join the mass, or stand-alone.

I do not think people want to stand alone, but I also think they do not want to live in mass anymore. They want connection, they want community, they want family and friendship. They want a company culture that is thriving and not a culture that is authoritarian. Human beings do not function well in mass. Some think we do, and they are the problem.

Throughout human history, certain elitist powers have pushed for more mass control. Well, I am here to tell you that is going to end.

A renaissance is coming. We are finally waking up to the elephant in the room; we see the controls that have been kept over our lives for a very long time. Here is what more of us are starting to see.

  1. Power struggles, they are unnecessary.
  2. Globalism, it’s a fake ideal.
  3. Multi-national corporations, they are meddlers and schemers.
  4. Apathy, it’s killing us.

What are the two solutions to these problems?

  1. The conservation of voice, the purity of democracy must be born.
  2. The conservation of responsibility, classical liberalism must return.

The modern leftist mind, and many on the right, have been pushing for big global solutions designed by corporate overlords and not by the people. They make their agendas sound pretty, but hidden is their oppressive intent of elitist minds that are losing mass control. If we think that we can fight this power establishment directly, we are mistaken. We cannot replace a corrupt power over the masses with another power over the masses. Lord Akin was correct when he said, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” For this reason we need to start looking at power in a new way. We need to see all the visionary ways we can decentralize it.

The first step is the conservation of voice. Letting people talk and allowing for vision to rise naturally from the people, and in modular form and with no single representative serving the masses, this will be central to launching a renaissance. I will explain what I mean by modular form in podcasts to come. Just think of a republic but on a more local scale.

The second step is implementing a near strict conservation of responsibility as locally as possible. When we give away responsibility, we become more apathetic as a people. We care less and we have no culture. We have allowed planned parenthood to care more than we care, thus we give up our responsibility to serve to an outside agency. We have allowed college accrediting agencies dictate everything we teach and without our consent. We have allowed our lands to be managed at a greater distance by controlling interests with more money. Just about everything these days is about mass, controlling us as a mass, dictating to as a mass, and manipulating us as a mass.

Well, those days are over. We are far more diverse, far more creative, and we have greater vision than any mass could ever create. A renaissance is coming, and this voice is a brother to your heart and a friend to your hope.

About the Author
Keith is the Author of The Political Optimist and you can follow him at genuineoptimist.com. He is a visionary founder of Local Common Wealth (see localcommonwealth.org) and co-founder of Vision Impact Leadership. He is a licensed general contractor at kelschconstruction.com and part time faculty member at Dixie State University.