Book Reviews

on July 31, 201
Awesome book! I highly recommend it to everyone! I love the points presented in this book. The author has gone and done the footwork necessary for the betterment of society. So many people these days struggle with social issues, and I believe this book can change those peoples lives. I highly recommend this book.

on July 9, 2015
This is a tremendously important book, as good a book ever written on freedoms and self-governing. The Political Optimist should be read by every citizen who consents to free voice in a collective fashion to enhance their communities and their lives.

on June 27, 2015
The Political Optimist is as much a study in personality profiles as it is an indictment of hierarchies. Driving their points across with colorful, entertaining anecdotes as well as historical and modern examples, the authors illustrate the lack of honest and genuine bonds around which we structure so much of our lives. Along the way they create an entirely new nomenclature to arm the reader with the tools needed to essentially make the world a better place, all but daring us to change the way we view idolatry, authority and social discourse. With a little traction and exposure, The Political Optimist could be a game changer.

on June 25, 2015
This book is just plain mercy for anyone struggling or roller coasting in social intercourse. A must read for any executive and a valuable tool for any mediator. Truly valuable information for anyone. I felt myself unburdened from so much mystery and confusion as I read through it. A beautiful fascinating book to read written with an obvious high affinity and care for others. There were some lines I read that caused me lay the book down and walk about for some time as my viewpoints shifted. Truly a walk through a beautiful mind. I think we might all be aware to some degree of what I have always seen as a “synthetic” identity. This book gets right to the heart of the matter. If every high school student was given a copy of this book, we would live in a different, much saner world in only a decade. I guarantee, you will want everyone you know to read it! The personal result for me is not new walls or distances between myself and others, but more compassion. Very grateful to have this book in my library.

on June 25, 2015
This book is about 6 different types of people. Three political types and three genuine types. If you want insight on how to discover what types of people are working for you or in your organization, this book will help you discover their traits and help you to work through the political gridlock. It will give you the ideas you may need to overcome a people problem with in your organization and increase your business and flow of ideas to push your business ahead.

on June 8, 2015
The authors present a compelling insight into the hypocritical verses the genuine forms of optimism. How we detect them and come to understand the difference will save our political system in business, religion and politics.