Seeing A Better World


Seeing a better world even while living in a dysfunctional one requires vision and persistence. Some have it, many do not. Kind of frustrating. Maybe we can improve the odds. It just takes a little reorganization.

Every human being should be given the opportunity to fulfill the full measure of their creation. This means they should have the opportunity to reach and accomplish the best they have to offer. This should be the foundation of a better world, our ethical footing. Too often we forget this.

This better world starts with organizing into smaller groups, just the opposite of how we organize now into vertical hierarchies with central control over large masses. Believe it or not, organizing into smaller groups work better.

Many years ago I witnessed dolphins in the ocean working in smaller pods to catch fish on the shoreline. They would rush the shoreline as a team and corral the fish onto the beach for an easy dinner. If you you have never seen dolphins working together, it’s kind of amazing. Even more amazing is when Dolphins work with human beings. The dolphins herd the fish toward the shoreline and the fishermen toss out their nets. As the fish scurry beneath trying to avoid a threat in both directions, the dolphins and the fishermen have an easy catch.

One of the most important principles of genuine optimism is giving everyone the chance to fulfill the measure of their best. This can only be done when we organize into smaller groups, between 9 at the lowest and not more than 18 at the highest in any group. This makes sure there is adequate room to be a part of something and be included. Can you imagine a shoreline with thousands of fisherman? If you organize people into bigger groups, like a large herd on the Serengeti, this inevitably turns the social order into a political environment run by vertical hierarchies and mini chief-tums struggling to reach the top. Yes, some animals organize this way and human beings should be better than the most intelligent animal. We should not organize like a mass herd. There is little chance each human being can fulfill the full measure of their existence in larger bodies.

Just as every individual should fulfill the full measure of their existence, so too should people in a community, and yes decentralizing community hierarchies can happen as long as we organize in a way to preserve the agency of each member. Elephants and dolphins are great examples on how we should organize. Better communication is afforded and the voice of each member is better recognized. The smaller the starting number, meaning the first original group, the more intimate the relationship and the stronger the bond with each member. This is missing in how we organize today. City councils serve hundreds of thousands. No intimacy there. Presidents and executives are so removed that vision suffers to be heard.

If you think new technologies are the secrete to a better world, you are wrong. A better world, the optimum best world, is found in how we organize. In large bodies, vision struggles to surface. Only the most political ideas that appease various power centers advance. The two points of view below explain the difference between how political people organize into popular democracies and how genuine optimists organize by common consent. A renaissance is coming and its time to see the difference.

I started this post referencing vision and persistence. Political hierarchies are terrible vehicles for promoting vision. Central control has never produced great things, minus those few benevolent dictators in history, and there are few of them. Real sustainable vision needs a better model that is decentralized and organized into smaller bodies. If you can see this new model, you are part of the coming renaissance. If you cannot see it, continue reading these posts and share. In time all will join the persistence in the new awakening, because it takes the persistence of many to give birth to a new vision.

Keith R Kelsch, The Genuine Optimist














  • Brandon Host

    This is an interesting topic to think about. I would agree that working in smaller groups is more effective. This way, everyone can be included, and everyone can play a role in the progress that the group makes as a team. Your dolphin story is a perfect example of the amazing things that can get done when small groups work together. Larger groups just allow for people to be observers rather than useful team members, and they do not fulfill the full measure of existence. This type of inclusion leads to vision and persistence from everybody involved.

  • Rod Warr

    It is difficult to feel like one can make a difference as the world becomes increasingly bigger and more connected everyday. One person among over seven billion seems a bit insignificant. It is easier to make a difference and reach greater potential in a smaller group. I feel like one way of doing this now is making a difference in our immediate circle of influence. I agree that it is sometimes hard to find direction, but by simplifying goals as well and reaching them one step at a time, that direction becomes more clear.

  • abby wynn

    I like the reference on small groups. The intelligent species work together in small groups, meanwhile the groups that work in large groups tend to be more savage in their doings and never succeed in the long run. instead the small groups have systematic methods of getting work done and even collaborate with other small groups.they still are their independent groups but put their differences aside to accomplish a goal and then go on their way keeping the collaboration mutally beneficial.

  • Kara Stoddard

    I think it’s hard for people to grasp the idea of seeing a better world in today’s world. Most news are filled with tragedy, negativity, and contradicting behavior. I can’t say if I feel like it will get better or worse, but most times, I would lean towards worse. It’s hard to lose sight of a better future in such a corrupt time (especially with a government system that’s more controversial than ever). And also, it’s true, central control has never produced great things. It makes me wonder what lies ahead of us.

  • Jonathon Allred

    We live in a world powered by fear that attempts to crush our pull potential. If we allow it to and that is a big If. I had discussed this very thought this morning with my wife. She is incredibly talented and incredibly afraid of stepping out on her own to create s business. She needs the support of a small group of people not to overpower her thought process and ideas but to help them grow. Its the difference of being told what to do versus being given the idea of what to do. The latter is diffidently the stronger option

  • Joshua Barney

    “One of the most important principles of genuine optimism is giving everyone the chance to fulfill the measure of their best.” – This quote is fantastic! There truly is something special that can happen when people get into small groups. I agree that too many people within a group, all trying to do the same thing, isn’t helpful or productive. That being said, having only a small amount of people limits the possibilities of providing the greatest outcomes. I also agree with the fact that technology isn’t necessarily the future to a better world, but rather the way we organize and utilize people and their potential.

  • Devin Gubler

    I agree that to start seeing a better world we need to have better organization. I have struggled with this for a long time. I feel that when you have many government run organizations you lose the power to have a voice. You can see this with the many countries around the world that are dictated and run by the dictator and his colleagues. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel there is a need for government and the things that it does for a country, but where I get frustrated is when the government thinks that it knows what is best for individual states more so than the leaders within the state. I feel that within the state you can break things and individuals down into smaller groups like you stated above to make a much better decision, rather than a decision that would be made otherwise by the central government.

  • Colette Smith

    I agree with what you are saying. I think the way our Government is voted in is messed up. I agree that things could be better. I have done this round table type of running a business, in a sense. It worked great and most everybody was happy. The only one that wasn’t was the owner who wanted all the power and control and it seems that we always have those type. They are not happy unless they have control over everything and they usually do add to the chaos and mess. I want to know how you take this idea and get it into the big picture, those who are running this country.

  • Alexa Coulter

    I think it is a nice concept that people, when working together in relatively small groups, can reach their best potential. I also think one cannot reach their best potential without another person helping along the way. How much better would the world be if we viewed life through this lens? If people worked together to rise and help another reach their best potential, their would be less conflict in the world. That isn’t to say we should give someone something without another’s hard work also included but that if an opportunity was presented to someone who needed it, could go on to continue the process of giving back to more. This give and take in the world is something I wish I could see more of.

  • Sydney Wathen

    I really like the idea of seeing the world as a good place with many new opportunities. When I think about smaller groups coming together and working with one another it makes more sense of how more opportunities can develop. I think that the smaller the group is, the more likely people will be their true selves and give everything they have because the group may depend on it. On the other hand, if we are only focused on being unified as one whole or one group, it is easy for people to feel that their voices aren’t heard and new ideas may be shut down. This also poses a question of if we are all focused on working together in smaller group, will there be less unity as a country and as a people? I believe that our potentials can be more fully reached when we have a smaller amount of people we are working with, but what will that do to the population as a whole?

  • Linzi Hansen

    I relaly like this idea. I think it seems so hard to get to, but I think it makes sense. The idea of allowing more voices to be heard resonates with me. Right now I don’t feel like my voice is heard or that my opinion matters. Decisions that affect me and my family and my community are being made by people who don’t understand my life and my concerns. It is discouraging to feel like I don’t have a voice. Small groups discussing issues, making decisions and then coming together makes sense. Everyone would have the opportunity to feel heard.

  • Tori Abbott

    I really enjoy the point made in this week discussion about organizing into small-groups, and giving everyone the chance to collaborate and participate. I truly believe that is the best means to accomplish any task needing to be done (even seeing the world in a more positive perspective) – working cohesively with others, taking into consideration all thoughts, ideas, and feelings, etc. I agree with Kaitlyn’s post below. It is hard to see a better world at times. Shifting your perspective and attitude can be extremely difficult when there is so much chaos and negativity reported by the media. I think the best thing we can do to change our overall interpretation is work, in small groups, at the grass-root level. By grass-root I mean our communities, church groups, friends, and family. Small changes, in small groups, can make great differences eventually.

  • Sharon Rosenbaum

    Sometimes I think being able to full feel yourself depends on each individuals personality types. It may come easier for those who are extroverts than introverts. I think the hardest part of “giving everyone the chance to fulfill the measure of their best” is being able to see a vision like you mentioned. I think millennials are starting to struggle with visions. I say this because we act like we now what we want but at times we struggle on HOW we are going to get there. My generation is weird though. I have noticed if you put lots of in one room and ask us again what we want and how we are going to get there. All of a sudden an amazing vision will come to play. Kind of shows how important team work and community commutation can be.

  • Katie Griffeth

    Reading this I began thinking of the show Undercover Boss. Many times the CEO goes undercover to discover so many realities his company and employees are facing because he sits at the top and never really thinks about all the people he is over and how what he does from behind a desk effects them. This is how I see a top-heavy government. The people at the top do not really know what all the people they represent are thinking or need or want. Seeing this idea is hard to comprehend. I can see the vision you are talking about, I’m just not sure how it works with so many people in the world. You are talking in numbers of 100. Does that eventually trickle down to every last person having a say or does it only encompass some? I did like the point about every being able to contribute the full measure of our creation. I think it is so important for us to try and contribute all we can, and become all we can. I think so many fall short of this because they are never given the opportunity to share it with anyone. We can all contribute different things at different times, so this would be a great way to let people show their strengths as individuals. By combining everyone’s strengths we really could make a difference, and a much better nation.

  • Kaitlyn A.

    Seeing a better world in a world that’s falling apart is hard for many to comprehend. With all this dysfunction going around, how can one be positive? It does take time and it does take a little reorganizing. I agree. Personally, there are times I feel that the world is coming to an end eventually and there are times, I believe it won’t. What I have done to stay away from the negative thoughts is to think about the positive things that are happening here and now. We have so much to be grateful for and we are taking it for granted. There are so many freedoms this world offers us. I say do what you can now and live life to its fullest. Yet, we must think of everyone else also. We must stay ethical. Not everyone can have the same dream as the example provided lays out. There must be a system. By working as a team, seeing a better world will be much easier for one to observe.