The Glory Seekers

Photo by Kaden Kelsch of Grand Canyon, May 2017

Have you ever witnessed the Grand Canyon? When you stare at it, does it hide or walk away. No! It gives you complete attention. And when you are not paying close enough attention and looking in awe at its beauty, does it get mad and give you the cold shoulder? No! Instead it just keeps giving?

Have you met a person who is bored the minute you share something of your own? As long as you give these people all the attention they demand, its great. But the minute you pull your attention away to share something of your own, that’s when you get the cold shoulder.

There are a lot of people in the world who need constant attention. They attract a kind of zealot mind, a follower.  Zealots are followers of a strict interpretation or followers of an infallible authority without question. A zealot is not a self-thinking or a self-nourishing mind. They are blind automatons, very much like a moving mechanical device made in the imitation of a human being. In other words, zealots are not human.

I am amazed at some people who need to be worshiped by zealots. As leaders they attract only political people, robots, and the culture they create is authoritarian. We call these people glory seekers. How would you like to be adored by robots? Is that a real glory?

Here’s a simple way to understand the difference. Some people focus on what they can get out of life. They seem to always ask, “what’s in it for me.” Others focus on what they can take from the hard work of others. They seem to ask to them selves, “I can get something for nothing.” We call these people speculators. Some of them give something and some of them give nothing. What really sets them apart is that they never give more than they take. This is a theft approach to glory, very empty and hollow.

Then there are people who focus on what they can add, and rarely do these people think about what their return is. They just add more than they take, often at greater sacrifice and personal loss. A lot of these people get taken advantage of. They can tend to be gullible, and yet the world is far better because of them.

Lastly, there are people (not individuals) who are more focused on what we can do together and how we can organize to preserve wealth and energy from the takers and schemers in the world. These people are Genuine Optimists. They are more focused on a team or community effort, something bigger than themselves. Most important is that these people will give everything they have as long as what they give is conserved in the same group.

A renaissance is coming and soon people will learn how to organize in better ways in order to preserve the energy in a closed system. This is the purest form of glory known, it’s called heaven on earth. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to seek after this glory?

Let’s all be a Grand Canyon to each other. Let’s receive the best we have from all who enter our community and from all who become as one. Let’s all become genuine glory seekers.

Keith R Kelsch, The Genuine Optimist