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Keith's BIO

For over thirty years Keith has worked in higher and secondary education, community non-profits, technology start ups and business development. Keith  works to improve greater consent in business, community and in government and is now the founder of Vision Impact Leadership, where he helps organizations get more thriving culture  with less power struggle. Keith obtained his Bachelor of Arts from California State University Northridge, and later a Masters from Humboldt State University in the teaching of writing. Keith completed a second Masters in leadership from George Wythe University. He teaches communication and entrepreneurism part time at Dixie State University and currently works as a licensed general contractor at www.kelschconstruction.com. Keith is also the founder of www.localcommonwealth.org, a non-profit business networking organization. You can see Keith at www.genuineoptimist.com where he posts articles and podcasts promoting ways to remove political gridlock in corporate and community cultures using the principles of common consent. Keith has been married for twenty-five years to Malissa Kelsch. She is the founder of The Best of St George, see bestofstgeorge.com. They have three children, Kaden Kelsch, entrepreneur at visionimpactproductions.com, Kyler Kelsch, entrepreneur at Geezy Tees, and Makinzie Kelsch, a senior at Dixie High.